After a crazy wonderful week in Bologna, Hattie and I are back and un-packing. I had the pleasure of meeting with lots of wonderful new and old peeps. Such a fabulous event!

It won’t be long before we have to pack ourselves back up for LBF. We’re off to a primary school tomorrow and are very excited!

Hatie packing

This is what I drew for a very dear friend for his birthday last week. Had no other notion other than the cumpulsion to pop a bear on a bike!

Bear on bike for blog

Last night was a case of burning the midnight oil and these are the fruits of my labour.                      I’ve been playing with my gesso bases and working in textures to marry with the look of fur. In this case, bears.For some reason I had an overhwhleming urge to paint them and though it took some time to work them up I loved painting the furry fellas.

Bears for blog (in progress)

So here are just a few of a bundle of sketches I’ve been doing today. I’m only posting this so there’s an incentive for me to show some improvement over the next couple of weeks. I’m so much happier with animals but time to kick myself out of the comfort zone from time to time.

The illustration bottom left best resembles my face whilst drawing human beans!


This was my first time visiting the global book fair and it didn’t disappoint! My travelling accomplice and ‘project manager’ of the trip Lucy Cuthew (a seasoned Bologna Fair go-er)
made sure the trip was a wonderful experience. I was there for the first 2 days and there was a lot to take in. It was great to meet up with Kate, Ed and Hannah who represent me at Advocate Art and it was a bonus to see my Hattie Peck dummy book on display too! Fingers crossed somebody gives her a home.
Near the entrance was a great illustration wall spanning many a meter allowing you to pin up any promotional material for all to see/pick up. Will definitely aim to pop over every year from now on!

Bologna montage for web

Here is my submission for Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet 2013.

Gimli and his penfriend – they met on Safari.

This is Acrylic on a Gesso base on an ordinary brown C5 envelope which was the required format for the artwork. I’ve been able to work in textures with the Gesso before painting over with Acrylic.

It’s going to be included in the Mail Me Art book and be part of an exhibition showcasing all the Mail Me Art entries at The Framers Gallery, London from 30th July – 3rd August 2013.

Check out the Mail Me Art website for more info

MailmeART_front(blog) mail-me-art-logo-500

A little excerpt and sketch from a story I have recently started…

He took up exploring, went on safaris and such

Met an enormous elephant, they still keep in touch!

Gimli:elephant border

Inglorious Basterds is a film I rather enjoy watching from time to time and I’d forgotten how much I liked the face of the dairy farmer from the first scene. I liked him so much I felt the need to stop drawing what I was supposed to be drawing and drew him instead!

Inglorious Basterds

















Blindfolded, armed with a pin, spun and stood in front of a map of the uk!

Sounds fun!

Where shall I go?


Tomorrow, I shall be fine.

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